Slow Down...................

I don't know that I can.  But am trying.  I have deleted some things from my diary - apologies folks.

I can never understand people who are bored - unless of course they are restricted for health or other reasons. If you are physically and mentally able, once you get hooked into community work you do tend to get more work to do, and that is so true for me.

When I started at the Caboolture Historical Village nearly two years ago, it was because I came to this area of north Brisbane and didn't know anyone.  I liked the area - cheaper rent, semi-rural, beach and river close by, and for a fresh start.  After a few weeks of only having myself to talk with, I sought a place where I would meet people.

I am now so terribly surprised at the number of people I now know - both here in my little town and in the wider community.  Amazed actually.

The issue for me now is to slow down - take some rest occasionally.  Meditate maybe.

I did have a "TO DO LIST" that I have pared down a bit.  And I am going to try NOT to try and do everything at once!  Rest between tasks.  Read.  Relax.  Hard to do.

On Wednesday I hosted a Cheesemaking workshop at the Village.  Who would have known that Cheesemaking would be so popular???  After what we thought was a slow start to bookings, it all went "ballistic" and we booked in far more than we could fit into one class.  We have now three more classes filling fast.

Does it fit in with the "historic" theme?  It does in many ways.  The Caboolture area wa a big dairy area in the early days and Caboolture Cheeses, whilst not manufactured here, are well known.  In fact you will see a number of varieties at this website.

As well, it was one some women did at home, though with less sophisticated tool than we have now.

I have made cheese before but not for a long time.  Yesterday I found my cheesemaking tools (some of which had been visited by a resident mouse who has since been sent to mouse heaven), cleaned them all up, bought some cream and have started on Marscapone.  It has a few hours to go, but I am looking forward to it.

I might just get more tools and make some other cheeses.  Thinking about it.

I have a Mad Millie beginners set.  We will see.  Slow down.  Slow down.

(I didn't make this mozzarella, but I did take the photo.)


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