Rules? Laws? Who Cares?

I really do get annoyed at the many folk who seem to think that it is not necessary to obey laws.  I get annoyed as I wait for the Green Light at intersections as others who think they know best cross regardless of the warning Red/Don't Walk signs.  They assume they are safe and walk across regardless.   We know that they are not always safe.  Pedestrians are still injured or killed as a result of this blatant ignorance of the laws.

Driving a car without registration or without a licence.  It seems to be a national past time for some, and I am constantly amazed at the numbers the police catch!!!   Surely it is a no brainer! 

Drugs, robbery, assaults etc.  Seems so many do it - with the mistaken belief that they can always get away with it.  It also seems that a period in jail does not seem to dampen enthusiasm for criminal behaviour.

Our state of Queensland has promoted the flood safety message "If it is flooded, forget it".  Every driver knows the rules, but sadly too many (mainly men, who seem to think they are super smart!!!)   choose to drive through the floods.  I guess it is tempting if one is nearly home or at their destination.

Last Friday five people died around Caboolture and the police have stated that the drivers chose to drive through the floods.  At one or two of the flooded roads there were already signs stating that the road was closed - and the driver chose to drive around the "Road Closed" signs.  While I know that families are in mourning now, and it is a sensitive issue to discuss the stupidity of these drivers at this time, I can't help, but make comment on it.

On the morning in question it was on radio, television, in newspapers and a range of other media that this area was in for a big wet event, with damaging winds, massive rain and possible floods.

Luckily I took heed and did not leave home.  I understand many people HAD to go - work, etc, but it seems few took any precautions.  The stories I have heard of the challenges of getting home, getting children home from school, and even getting their cars flooded in a shopping centre.

The latter is common at the particular shopping centre, though I understand this was one of, if not the worst flooding events at that site.  Still, I understand there were warnings but people still left their cars in the underground car park, and were shocked to find their cars underwater!!!

Two of the three drivers who made the stupid decision to drive through the flooded roads, did not live to tell their story, or to live with the guilt of causing the deaths of their loved ones.  One of the drivers appears to have been the only one in the car.

Over and over again the Police, Government officials and everyone say "If it is Flooded, Forget it" - and still drivers who seem to have no sense, do it.  

Shame that not only do people die, but the emergency services (Police, Ambulance, SES etc) have to find the dead bodies, see death, when it was unnecessary.  

I so feel for those emergency personnel who must be so disappointed with our communities that continue to defy the rules.  


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