My Cheese Book is Missing

It's weird.  After being a volunteer at the Cheesemaking workshop at the Caboolture Historical Village on Wednesday, I dragged out my neglected Cheesemaking kit and set out to make something.  Mascarpone.  But more about that later.  The day following the workshop a friend visited, and I rabbited on about the workshop and my plan to make something.  She left around 5 pm, and some time later, I set out to read the little book.  I could not find it.  I hunted everywhere.  I even contacted my friend to see if she accidentally took it, but she said no and I believe her.  Somehow I have hidden it (accidentally) in my own home.   I hadn't gone out, and no one else had been in my house.

Here it is 4 days later and I still not have recovered it. I have unpacked rubbish bins, hunted in every nook and cranny I can think of and still no success.

So, I turned to YouTube to get the instructions I needed.

I do need Mad Millie - and I managed to follow the instructions on the video with success.

I still have not found my book, so the hunt goes on.

I found another place to purchase my Mad Millie products - and at discount prices.  I will explore the website of Everten and see what I can get.  Some great products and great value here.

I do have the notes from the instructor now, and I can watch the Video, but I would love to find my little cheese book.

p.s.  While getting my whizz stick out of the drawer, guess what appeared.  My Cheese booklet.  Hooray!!


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