Mother's Day

Another Mothers' Day without my mother is coming up.  I was lucky though as I had her for nearly 70 years!!!  But I will be thinking of her of course, but as I am a mother and will be spending time with my own daughter (also her birthday!), I expect to have a Happy Mother's Day, but I am aware that for many Mother's Day is not a happy day.  There are those whose mother has recently deceased or is ill in hospital or in a nursing home, and there are those with fractured relationships with their mother, or those who do not know, or do not have a good relationship, with their biological mother.

It is the same with any such community celebration - for some it is an important and happy event, and for others it is a very unhappy event.  This Mothers' Day I will think of you all.

The above photo is of my mother - around 1942 - who was in the services during World War II in Adelaide - where she met my father.  They married in 1943 and stayed together for the rest of their lives.  Dad died in 2011, and she in 2014.

The photo below is of three mothers - me standing beside my mother, and my grandmother (my mother's mother) with my daughter sitting on here lap in Warrnambool quite a few years ago!!

It was a funny event - my mother and father had arrived with my grandmother who lived in Adelaide, and there was I proudly holding my baby to show my grandmother, who had not seen her great granddaughter.  As she walked past me she said  "Seen one, seen them all".     Yes, she was really "over" all her children, and grand children wanting her to drool over their newest addition.  She was past all that!

The photo below was of my mother several years ago.  I had visited Adelaide (from Brisbane) to see her, and when I arrived at the nursing home I found her apparently unconscious.  The staff wanted to send her to hospital, but as we knew she did not want to be resuscitated, we agreed that we should just wait and see.  In retrospect I suspect they gave her "extra medication" the previous night.

But she was unable to be roused for nearly 6 hours that I spent with her.  And then, she opened her eyes, wanting to go to the toilet urgently (her wish was granted), and she the put on this crazy hat (which wasn't hers, but somehow was in her locker), and as it turned out, she lived a good life for another few years!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers - and those who are not, enjoy the day!


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