Introducing Tottie

Some 15 years ago, Tottie came into my life.  Actually the name had been used before, but the little glass fairy was given to me I think, and I named her Tottie.

Tottie "lived" in a little hut in a special place within my tropical garden, and my grand daughters came to learn a lot about Tottie.  I wrote a couple of little stories for them about Tottie, and I used the name asa pseudonym in some of my writing.  

Readers might be aware of the flower blog, Tottie's Blooms.

The children always had to visit Tottie's house, but sadly never saw her there, but they did see many photos of her.  In fact I took Tottie to their home, and took photos of Tottie in their rooms, in their garden etc, and in the Gerbera Farm that was in their back yard.  It totally fascinated them and and I kept the story going for years.  

I will be seeing both girls on Sunday (Mother's Day) and I will perhaps find out what they remember.  They are nearly 15 years old and 12.  

I don't know if the girls know much about the real Tottie as I have kept her hidden from them.  She is made of glass and somewhat fragile, so I have taken very good care of Tottie for all those years.


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