Queensland is one of the states of Australia that is prone to dramatic weather events.  Cyclones in the summer/cyclone season are common, usually causing damage in the northern regions of the state with dramatic weather with wind and rain that can almost wipe out some towns.

Cyclone Marcia did a lot of damage to towns around Yeppoon and Rockhampton in February this year.   Many areas south and west of the area also received heavy damage due to the rain - so flood damage there.

This is at a time when further west of the state they are in a dramatic drought - some places have hardly seen rain for three years or more!

Last week (May 1st) another weather event caused a lot of damage in the area where I live and work (volunteer), and luckily I "missed" it all.  When I knew that there was to be such a storm with heavy rains I cancelled my arrangements and stayed safe at home.  I know that if  I leave the little "village" of Beachmere, the chances of getting safely home are almost nil, as the Caboolture River usually floods on the road that goes to Beachmere.  As it did.

The rains came - it bucketed down, and I watched in awe from the safety of my home as gutters overflowed, drains backed up, and the road was covered with water.

I spent the day listening to the drama on the radio, and on Facebook and other Internet sites.  The roads were blocked, flooded everywhere.  Trains and buses stopped, and late in the day school children and workers endeavoured to get home on one of the most treacherous of nights!

Five people died.  All endeavouring to get home through flood waters.  I understand some may have even driven past "road closed" signs.  I know how easy it can be, especially for males, to think that they know their car, the road, etc and they will be safe.  The drivers of three of those cars were male.

I've spoken to folk who did risk it - and luckily did make it home safely, with their hearts pounding in their chest realising the risk that they took, especially when they heard about those who did not make it home safely.

We have a mantra - "If it is flooded, forget it" - but so many ignored that warning.  I found the video below which was filmed on that very day, which shows how the road might "look safe" but in reality it is breaking up below the water.  Luckily no one was travelling on this road at the time.

It doesn't take much imagination to understand how easily someone would have caused major damage to their car and risked their lives travelling on this road.

If it is flooded, forget it.


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