Women in the World

I watched in horror on Monday night to the Four Corners Episode featuring the documentary made after the horrific brutal rape of a medical student in Delhi a couple of years ago.  It has been banned by the Indian government - but we can see the horrific brutality of that event, and learn about the treatment of women in that country.

This link will take you to the episode on ABC Television - http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2015/04/06/4210121.htm

It is a pattern is to some degree common around the world.  Women are seen as second class citizens. Even in Australia there is  horrific stories of brutality against women - with thousands of cases of domestic violence against women.    There are so many stories.  Another to read is here.

While we don't have the culture of India and other countries in that region, we still have a horrific number of women being victims in domestic violence, and there are many stories of women who have been victims in other ways.  The number of men who are "unfaithful" to their wives is horrific. The statistics of use of prostitutes is alarming to us.  Many women don't know their men are visiting brothels on a regular basis, and if they find out, many women find themselves in a no win situation.

To leave one's husband is a very difficult thing to do.  I know about that - though I must add here, in case anyone that knows me might want to read more into this - infidelity was not an issue with me.  If my husband had visited brothels, I didn't know.

But I do know how challenging it is for a woman to leave a marriage.  It is one of the most difficult things I have had to do!

Still though - in most parts of the world women are not seen as equals to men.  I actually don't believe that we could ever be "equal" - in that our brains are different, and in most cases our bodily strength. But we have skills that could complement a man's - that as a team where both work as equals, it could be a very powerful team.  In some relationships this is the case - but there is this deep down belief by men that they should be the almighty powerful.

We frequently read of the way women are treated supposedly in the name of some religion - mostly in Africa or the Middle East.  The Taliban don't want women educated, and that is a common theme.  Once upon a time it was common worldwide.  Just ask any 75 years old woman.  Many were not educated or pulled out of school to let the boys be educated.

In my own school days, I was educated to be a wife and mother - Domestic Science, Sewing, and so forth - though I do believe that everyone should learn some of these skills, there was no encouragement for most women to achieve a better education.  Sure, opportunities were limited back then, but it was easy to get the feeling that you were not expected to achieve anything.  For just your gender.

Women now who are in their 70's, especially those who are on their own are also discriminated against.  I hear woeful stories, about women whose husbands were unfaithful, denied them access to bank accounts or money, or who "ruled the roost" - in a manner which was very much the culture of previous generations where the man was supposed to be the head of the household.

My belief is that there should be much discussion about relationships, marriage, expectations, family dynamics and much more.  I  think the Women's lobby groups around the world have a lot more to do.  I don't see men standing up against domestic violence or concerned about the treatment of women.

Many of my peers are very unhappy with the way things are headed.  Rant over for today.

Later.   I am not the only woman who feels concerned about this.  I found this story in the Brisbane Courier Mail this morning. Read it here.


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