Women "Downtrodden"

I am slightly amused at the results of my posting about the violence against women, which was reported in the ABC news.  I wrote about it here. 

Not surprisingly, some women I have spoken to have also expressed concern about the violence - not just against women, but in general in Australia.  I have written to three Federal Politicians about it, and hope to speak with one this coming week.  Women are afraid, so they tell me, but I doubt if any will take action as I am doing.   You see, they are scared to do so, fearing that in some way it will invoke violence against them.

I have had interesting discussions with a number of women over the past few days and am getting quite an interesting picture.   It is as if they see no choice but to accept what is happening.  They choose not to go out at night, and often even in the day time feel as if they could be a target.

Men leering at them - often tradies where they are the passenger in a car/truck, and can eye off the women as the other bloke drives.

When I posted on Facebook, with a link to another story - this time about the decline of women in sports coverage in Australia, I had a negative response from a guy I know. He doesn't like it that women are now commentating on Cricket.  OMG!  What a joke that a man would find this difficult to comprehend!!!!

I note on the ABC site where the article about the lack of women in sports coverage, suggested that they need to wear more sexy clothes!!!  Sex rears its ugly head in a discussion which is not about sex, but gender. and gender equality!!  Women don't think things will ever change.  Though I note that many young people don't see or feel the things that older people talk about.  I am staggered at the number of women who claim to have been abused in some form or other, in and outside of marriage.  I have heard some horrific tales.

Each newspaper or news report on the television gives story after story of mostly men who have broken the law - be they speedsters, murderers, fraudsters, druggies or whatever.  I get the strong feeling that there is a huge percentage of people who choose to disregard any laws or rules.

I worked in Clean Up Australia only last month, and I note that many of the places we cleaned up are already covered with rubbish by ignorant litter bugs.  It does make me angry.

Mine at Kalgoorlie

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