Two Years Ago

I frequently reminisce about my long journey driving around Australia.  It was in November 2012 that I set out in my Mitsubishi Lancer -and despite all the dire warnings I had no trouble during my five month journey, which took me from Brisbane, out to Charleville, down to Cobar and across to Broken Hill.  Then to Adelaide, and eventually I followed to coast all around to Derby in WA.  From there I travelled through the Top End to Darwin, then down to Tennant Creek, back up to the Barkly Highway and made my way back to Brisbane via Mt Isa and Longreach.

On this day in 2013 I was in Carnarvon, some 900 kms north of Perth, Western Australia.  It was not one of my best stops for I was unable to find accommodation in any place other than a terrible hotel room.  Old and battered, I was glad I was only spending the night there.  Perhaps if there was better accommodation I would have stayed.

Carnarvon is a big fruit and vegetable growing area of Western Australia - and being right on the coast it is quite a picturesque town.   The Gascoyne River - often just a dry river bed, runs through the town and is the source of water for the town.  However, it does flood - the last big flood was in 2010.

One of the popular tourist spots is the Coffee Pot Train, which takes visitors on the train track out to the end of the jetty - a distance of one mile.

Not far from the train is a museum with a great collection of old buildings and machinery.

Entrance to Carnarvon from the south

One of the special places is the entrance to the town from the south - rows of palm trees - clearly battered by the strong local winds, but each one represents one of the men who died during World War II with the battle against the German battleship Kormoran - the 645 who were on HMAS  Sydney which was lost in the battle off the WA Coast.

The area is quite spectacular.  Maybe I will get back there one day.


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