I Broke One of My Rules!

Before I set off on my adventure around Australia I had several rules - one being not to drive at night. When I arrived at Fitzroy Crossing, I visited the Information Centre, and learned that there was a Sunset Cruise through Geikie Gorge that evening.  I couldn't book there, but learned that I had to go to the park at the Gorge to book.

First of all I had to find accommodation - which I did at the Caravan Park.  After putting my things in the cabin, I set off for Geike Gorge, which is about 20 kms from Fitzroy Crossing.  Silly me didn't realise that I would have to break one of my rules.  I didn't drive at night - except within a town.  Going on a sunset cruise, I would have to drive at night.  It just didn't enter my thought processes.

When I arrived at the Gorge there was some confusion.   Apparently there were two different groups which did the cruises.  While I waited I went for a walk through some amazing rock formations on the edge of the park.

Soon we boarded a small boat, with an indigenous man at the helm, who powered up the boat and we headed through the gorge. 

The rock formations were amazing - so much colour!  We slowly went along the side of the river on one side and eventually came back o the other side, as our guide explained quite a lot about the culture of the local indigenous people.  We clicked our cameras and looked in amazement at the scenes we passed.

The cruise took about 1 1/2 hours, and as we returned to the boarding spot, darkness was quickly descending on us.  Soon after I arrived at my car, it was pitch black for there were no lights way out there.  I realised then, that I would have to do the 20 kms in the dark!!!

Slowly I set off - with my headlights on high beam to give me as much light to help me see if any wildlife was on the road.  There certainly was.   The first beast to frighten me was a kangaroo, which jumped out in front of the car.  I easily missed it.  I slowed down.  I was doing about 60 kms an hour.  Slowly, with wide eyes scanning on both sides of the narrow road.  Then I big bull pushed out from the bush on the road.  I quickly braked and missed it.  My heart was beating wildly by this point.  I had probably driven about 2 kms. Only 18 more to go.  Would I make it?  Clearly I did of course but it was quite scary.

Another kangaroo rushed out of the bush and hopped along in the same direction I was driving.  It was so close I guessed he'd probably be missing some whiskers.  Still no damage to my car!!!

It felt like I had driven 100kms.  With my heart beating loudly I kept on driving.  Ofcourse I made it to the Caravan park safely.  Relieved.  

It was one of the nicest rooms I had experienced on my trip too.  Loved it, except for the noise.  There was a wild party going on in the bush behind the park.  I could hear loud voices, breaking of glass bottles and music for most of the night.  Still, I felt lucky.  I had seen a wonderful Gorge and had returned safely.


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