Crazy Aussie Bush Humour

We Aussies know how crazy our humour can be - especially the bush humour.  I came across something this morning that I feel obliged to share.

I was reading a huge book about Australia - I have had it for years.  It is called Explore Australia.  The Complete Touring Companion, and no I didn't take it with my on my journey.  I guess it is about 30 years old - but there is no date on it, which is most unusual.

There is a historic place called Cossack.  The book notes that the population is 1 person, 1 dog and 1 galah!!  It is a most interesting historic destination - as there is little there but some wonderfully preserved buildings right on the Harding River.

It was a former pearling town - "In 1866 the town of Roebourne was declared and the pearling industry began in the region.  Cossack was the birthplace of Western Australia's pearling industry and was the home of the colony's pearling fleet until the 1880's.  Many small boats off the Port Walcott coast dived for pearl shell during the 1860's using Aboriginal labour, including women and children.  By early 189 there were 14 small vessels pearling in the area with the average crew of three Europeans and six Aboriginals.  My the early 1870's up to 80 luggers were operating in the area.  The pearling industry also attracted a large Asian population.  By 1895 there were 989 Malays and 493 Aboriginals employed on 57 vessels at Cossack.  The high number of Asians in the industry, including Japanese and Chinese as well as Malay let to the establishment of an Asian quarter known as "Chinatown".

In 1881 a cyclone damaged the town and every pearling vessel then operating either foundered or was beached.  In 1885 44 vessels were operating out of Cossack.  In that year a parliamentary select committee recommended the closure of several pearling banks in the area due to depletion.  In 1886, the main pearling industry moved to Broome."  Wikipedia.

There are many examples of Australian humour - some are the Silverton Hotel in New South Wales, the Walkabout Creek Hotel, Queensland, the Daly Water's Hotel and others. Just keep your eyes open as you drive around!!!  The next three photos were taken at Daly Waters Hotel, Northern Territory.

Inside the Daly Waters Hotel - so funny.


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