Broome to Derby

Two years ago I was on the way back home to Brisbane, Queensland, but still in the north of Western Australia.

I spent some time in Broome, which I loved, wishing I had more money and time to do some of the many tourist destinations locally.  I did as much as I could - but mostly time was against me.  I had promised to be back in Brisbane by May 10th, (my daughter's birthday) and I had another 5000 kms to go!!

People often ask me if I got bored, and the answer is a definite NO.  Lonely yes, but not when I was driving.  It was when I arrived in a strange town, late in the afternoon or early evening that I would have liked some company.  I think most of the time when I was driving I was focussing on the road - hoping not to it any of the wildlife that was there - kangaroos, goats, cows, emus, etc and also looking for places to stop and take photos.  If I could have ridden a bike safely I might have done so - it would have been easy to pause often, as there were photo opportunities at every few hundred metres or less.  I'd have to quickly make a decision.  Is it safe to stop here?   Yes, no.  OK, yes, quickly grab the camera after I had stopped and quickly take some photos.

Broome was wonderful - below are some of the photos from there.

When I left Broome, I headed for Derby which was slightly off the main highway, but a must see place.  I had intended to stop at a tiny roadhouse (name missing from my memory at the moment), but I was thinking as I passed it and some distance before Derby, my warning light came on.  Low fuel!!!

It was too far to turn back, and I just had to hope that I was close enough to Derby!  I turned off the air conditioner, opened the windows a little, and slowed down a little too.  My heart was almost pumping from my mouth - as I concentrated on the road, my driving, and pondered my plan should my car just stop.

There was a BP servo as I approached Derby, and I drove around and parked behind a car, also filling up with fuel.  There were two ladies in the car, and they spoke to me.  "Were you running out of fuel too?"  We all laughed.  They were behind me - and they too had forgotten to stop and fill up earlier.  Luckily we both made it!!

Derby was most fascinating.  It is right at the point where a number of huge rivers join up.  It has huge tides, frequent crocodiles, and big ships come into the port.  There was a jetty one could drive around, and I did so.  Stopping to take photos.  Then I found my way to a hill with a lookout way above the port for extra ordinary views in all directions.

High over Derby

Thank goodness it was not real.!

Part of the huge jetty, which one can drive on!

Mud flats and murky water for crocs to hide in!


There is so much to see in these parts.  Deserves more time, but not for me this time.  Had to keep going!


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