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Do you often wonder why, how some people survive in the Retail sector of business?  I have written about it before, but it is something that I constantly find annoying.  Why do some people appear to deliberately piss off their customers and then wonder why their business is going downhill?

Today a new business opens not far from where I live and I will pop in to see how they fare on day one - I do suspect they will be much better than the folk that ran a similar business there and went "under" some months ago.

Clearly some people do not do their homework before they set up a business, and clearly if they had a business plan or marketing plan, they didn't bother following their plan - or if their plan was followed it was fatally flawed.

It was a cafe - where the staff were dressed terribly, had no personality, and much to the annoyance of those who did initially support it - they never opened on the hours they promised to open.  The shop was crappy - no personality, bare, boring.  With the staff with no personality, a boring shop, limited items on their menu, coffee that usually came cold, and often shut when you called by - you can guess what happened.  It failed.  Miserably.

So I shall be interested to see what the new cafe offers today.  They started their advertising recently on Facebook with updates, photos, and clearly gained much local enthusiasm already before the doors open.  They already have a good number of people interested in the business - so Day one will be interesting.

Around the local area, there are (a) vacant shops and (b) businesses with 'for sale' signs on the windows.  It is not a good look - and I don't have any issue with them trying to sell their business in any way that they can.  It is often not easy to sell a business.  But when there are several shops in a row with "For Sale by Owner" signs, it is not encouraging for any potential buyer.

These businesses do not advertise locally - there is limited advertising options in the area, but surely they could band together and create some interest in their businesses?  Surely the landlord with empty shops can be creative and do something to enthuse people to become customers or even business owners.
People in Retail have to display bright personalities, engage with their customers, market their business, and don't constantly whinge about the challenges they face!!!  Grrr.  It drives people away!!!
Retail is not easy - but one has to make an effort to market their business.
Make changes.  An example is a local newsagency which has had challenges since day one of the new ownership.  I guess the lady/owner was so stressed she didn't realise that she was saying and doing things that her then customers did not enjoy.  Many walked.  Elsewhere.
But the shop has always looked tatty, and there's been little change in displays and it all looks as boring today as it was the day she took over.
I get quite annoyed when I see all this and know that they have no idea that they are destroying the business that they had hoped to make a success!!!  Darn!!!


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