Mum's Ashes

My mother passed away in June 2014, but her ashes had waited at the Funeral Home until last Friday, when my sister and I went to collect them in the big plastic container that needed a screw driver and a strong arm to open!!

I had known that my mother was born in Wistow, just out of Mt Barker, (abaout 40 kms from Adelaide), and knew that she wanted her ashes to be scattered there.  We were to meet three cousins, Carol, Rae and John to join us, but we met first at The Barker, a hotel in the centre of Mt Barker, and had a glass of wine.  We had a wonderful conversation - talking about our parents, our mothers (who were sisters) and what we knew about them.  My sister and cousins did not know about the Wistow connection.  My mother and their mother were born at Wistow, but the family left Wistow when they were very small.

We then drove the 7 kms to Wistow to a little park on the corner of Morning Star Road, with a huge oak tree in the corner, and we scattered Mum's ashes there.  We stayed a while and said our farewells.  I was to learn later that another cousin, Betty Snowden, actually knows the property that they lived.  Shame she didn't tell her siblings the story!

There is an old church on the hill - now a 7th Day Adventist Church but I guess it was probably a Church of England Church in its early days.


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