Gertrude Bell and the Movie

I am a fan of Margaret Throsby on the ABC - I download her Midday interviews and listen to them while I am driving.  Recently I was listening to her interview with Alan Gold, who writes historical novels and was fascinated to learn about Gertrude Bell.  I had never heard of her before but listened in awe at the story of this amazing woman.

Alan Gold said that we hear little of the women in history because only men were historians and they were really only interested in what men did.  Mmm.  No different to our world - though marginally more women are recognized  The story is here.

When I did my research on line later, I learned that there is a movie due out sometime soon in which Nicole Kidman plays the role of Gertrude Bell, so I look forward to seeing the movie - to be called Queen of the Desert.

The above video tells something of her life - a play actually.  I look forward to the movie.


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