I love figs.  I remember having them growing at home when I was a child, and I grew them myself a while ago, though don't have a garden now.   I have bought them occasionally but they can be expensieve.  I love dried figs but most of them  in the shops here are from Turkey.  Occasionally one can find dried Australian figs!

One of the other volunteers at the Caboolture Historical Village has a family business - growing figs, and she has on two occasions brought some in for me. Oh, yum.

I have tried many recipes since I had my "supply" of figs - even to drying them in the oven (now have a container of dried sliced figs" and I guess I will nibble on them until they are gone. I don't want them to waste. has many recipes - too many to try.  One recipe that I tried was in a magazine - and I did my version of it.

250 mls whipping cream (whip until thick)
figs (10) - cut and put in a vitamiser type machine (I used my stick mixer) and whizzed until all mixed.

Mix the cream and figs - and put in containers in freezer.

Now the recipe says to thaw and beat again, several times.  I haven't done that.  I have actually eaten it as is.  And it is Yummy on fresh fruit!!!


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