Clean Up Australia 2015

I have been a frequent volunteer at Clean Up Australia events - I don't recall how many or for how long I have been doing it.  I did so in Beachmere last year, and this year volunteered to be a site co ordinator.

It's not a mammoth job, but it certainly would be easier to just be a clean up volunteer.  I have paperwork to complete now, as well as having to peg signs in yesterday, pick them up, and deal with the volunteers etc.

It all worked well, though some of the guys came back with items that they should have left - including big shards of broke glass - which I had to get picked up by the council quickly as it was so dangerous.  Didn't want to leave it in the park overnight.

One thing the group did bring back was a lady's hand bag full of drug paraphenalia, and I did, as requested phone the police.  I am glad I didn't sit in the park waiting for them as they arrived at my house around 4.30 pm!  They did look in the bag, and took it away. 

I wondered if the locals might think that I was in trouble with the police. 


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