Adelaide Writers Festival

I had a call from my cousin Betty Snowden recently informing me that she was presenting at the Adelaide Writer's Festival on March 5th - so it was a good excuse to go.

I am almost packed, but don't leave Brisbane until Wednesday at midday, but I am nearly all ready to go.  I am looking forward to attending the event - which is regarded as one of the best writers festivals in Australia.

I should have thought of going before - but was certainly inspired to listen to my cousin!!!  Adelaide is where I was born, and I generally know my way around quite well, though I am not familiar with the area where the festival is being held, but am sure I can find my way there.

My sister will get me into the city and I will have to walk (or taxi - depending on the pain in my foot).  My sister works all day, so I will probably stay at the Festival, and hopefully she can pick me up late in the day.

On Friday we will probably scatter my mother's ashes - perhaps up to Mt Barker where she was born way back in 1915.  She made it to nearly 99 - not quite the 100 she was targetting.

This photo of my mother, Joyce Watson, was taken a few years ago, when we (the family)  had sat by her bed all morning as she lay "unconscious".   We had thought that was the end for her, but after about 5 hours of being in this condition, she awoke, and put this crazy hat on - (not hers!) and chatted on as if nothing had happened.


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