The Leg Hair Shaver.

I am one of the lucky ladies that has little problem with leg hair.  Being a blonde for most of my life, my leg hair have been pale, and luckily not bushy.  When I was a teenager, leg hair wasn’t a big deal as we wore clothes that were less revealing than in recent times.  Same with under arm hair - but typically, even though it was rare for anyone to see it - we generally disposed of it!

Now, as a senior woman, leg hair is still not a big deal for me, but occasionally I look down and see isolated hairs showing up in the light and reach for my favourite electrical “beauty” appliance, which has a great story.

Way back in 1969, July, I recall,  I attended the launch of a soap in a big event at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne.  My husband was a representative for Lever and Kitchen, which released the Lux toilet soap at this grand affair. 

I was 7 month’s pregnant and had to hire a dress to wear to this salubrious event.  A friend (her husband was the state manager as I recall) was 9 month’s pregnant and she too hired a dress.  Strangely they were almost identical!!

On that night all the ladies were presented with gifts – one of which was a Philips special presentation which included the shaver for ladies, and various manicure items.  I have long since left the manicure items behind as I preferred other tools, but I have kept the shaver.

As I used it this morning to demolish a few stray leg hairs, I reminisced on the event and the fact that this item – has survived 46 years and still works well, just as it did as a brand new item.
Eeek!!  That reminds me that “my baby” will be 46 years old this year.  Sad.  Feeling old.


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