On the Train Again.

Back in January, a group of volunteers from the Caboolture Historical Village joined the steam train which travelled from Brisbane to Cairns to celebrate 150 years of Queensland Rail, and had a wonderful time promoting the Village.

It returned to Brisbane yesterday and three volunteers, including me, dressed up, joined the train.  We could not buy tickets as they were sold out, so we joined the train without tickets (as we knew that no one checked), and managed to do the Caboolture to Roma St, Brisbane, without being asked for a ticket.

Is this me?

Train arriving at Caboolture
My two travelling companions
Mind you, dressed as "criminals" it seemed fitting!!  We were the focus for lots of photos, and much laughter especially as my two offsiders ate from their stale loaves of bread!

Back at Roma Street

One thing that we were curious about was that we had to catch a "normal" train back to Caboolture - and wondered how we would be treated by fellow passengers.  Us, dressed like we were.  On the Roma Street station folk looked at us with great suspicion, but we were not the only ones in outfits as there were a couple of blokes on another train dressed in a toga!!!

Actually apart from some strange glances all was well - in fact we spend the time talking with two passengers who had been on the steam train - they too were returning home.

It was a great exercise to promote the Historical Village.


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