Living with Cyclones

I am lucky - so far anyway, as the current cyclones are some distance away - there is one near Darwin in the Northern Territory, and another, Cyclone Marcia crossing land some 640 kms north of my home.  The affects are being felt here and further south, and no doubt will affect us for a few more days.

The advice from the government and emergency service agencies is to stay home, so I am.  My appointment that I had intended to go to today has been changed, and I have no reason to leave home, though my camera is keen to get out and take some photos.

The rain is pretty amazing - it is just pouring down, and gutters/downpipes are overflowing.  The sound of the rain is amazing too.

I have lived through cyclones that have come close to Brisbane in the past,  It can be scary - but luckily I have not had to experience the damage that other communities have experienced.  

Overflow from my downpipe

My water tank is full and overflowing

The local school is closed and there is minor flooding around.   There are two roads in/out of Beachmere, and both flood, especially with a high tide, and there is a king (higher than normal) tide due today, so we do expect the road could be closed sometime today.  There is a storm surge to take into consideration too - so some flooding is very likely.

I live alone and am well above flood level.  Where I live was formerly a swamp - as much of this area has been swamps for thousands of years.  The developers were required to build up the land by around 2 metres, so I feel quite safe from flooding - unlike many of the residents of this area.

I have food, water, wine (so important!!!) and if the cyclone does come closer I have all the provisions I need.  I am also lucky that my car is in the garage, so (fingers crossed) I do not expect to experience much danger personally.

It will give me plenty of time to catch up on writing etc.  As long as the power lasts!!!!

I do hope everyone remains safe and that there is little or no damage to property.


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