Spider, spider!!

It was a normal morning.  I had partaken of my breakfast, fruit, muesli, toast and coffee, tidied up around the house, made my bed and entered the shower after taking off my FitBit and glasses.  I sloshed the washer with shower gel around my body until my eyes set on a black blurry spot near the bottom of the shower screen.  How I wished I could still wear my glasses and see things as I took my morning shower!  I tried to focus, without success and no choice but to stand as far away as I could, and hope that it remained in situ, until I finished my shower.

Within seconds though, the black blob started to move up the shower wall!  Centimetre by centimetre it slowly edged upwards.  I quickly rinsed and escaped out of the shower, sloshing water all over the bathroom floor in my efforts to escape.  I made a hasty grab for my glasses, which were sitting on the side of the hand basin, pushed them onto my head and peered gingerly through the open shower door.  Mr Spider was still slowly climbing upwards.  I backpedalled quickly and set out to the kitchen and my can of Mortein.  I returned and before Mr Spider could torment me further I sprayed and sprayed until it dropped to the floor, ran a short distance and hid under the anti-slip mat. Later on in the day, when rigor mortis had set in, I carefully picked him up with a tissue and flushed him away.    Never will that spider terrorise me again!


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