Technical Challenges

I wrote about some of my technical challenges here  a couple of days ago - and alas they are not getting any better.  The ISP I signed up with has advised me that I used all the data in four days - and that may be true, but I cannot access the site which gives me details.  My computer won't let me access it.  I am now using an alternate ISP - but that is not all my problem.

Somehow my computer has been completely re-somethinged and I am having trouble accessing programs - and everything seems to have changed.

To add to my challenges, my phone died.  It was almost two years old and had a fall into the lake, though I scooped it up almost as it hit the water, but still it has played up since.  Yesterday I set out, with an hour to spare, to find an alternative.  In the end I bought another Samsung - the same as the one that had died.

While it looks and feels like the old one the Apps etc are all changed, and of course I have to reload the Apps that I had on the other phone.  So many things are different.  I am going crazy.


* the computer is still crazy
* my internet access is still restricted
* I am having to learn my phone all over again.

Give me wine!!!!!


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