Great Lighting Choice

Last year an elderly family member, while recovering from leg surgery, ventured to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning without turning on any lights.  He thought he could manage to walk from the guest room to the toilet down the corridor without turning on a light.  It was pretty much pitch black - but somehow he thought he would manage.

He didn't of course, and tripped over something and banged onto a chair which he had placed in an unusual position the night before to rest his leg on.  Bang, down he went and hit his head on the seat of the chair.

A family member heard his screams and helped him get to his destination, before helping him back to bed.  Sometime later, she became concerned and phoned me - her mother, (former nurse) asking what might have happened.  My diagnosis was spot on!!  He had broken his neck!

Call 000 (Emergency number for Australia) and get an ambulance!!!!

She did.  The ambulance officers were initially of the opinion that he had not broken his neck - but when  the xray's proved my diagnosis correct he was treated in a spinal unit and spent time in a brace before he could return home.  He was in a brace for many weeks, and then not allowed to drive for a long time eithre.

The message is clear - it is not wise to walk in the dark without a torch!!!

So for Christmas I bought a night light for the man recovering from his broken neck - a light that is activated by movement.  I had bought one myself - and have found it very useful.  Living along I am not afraid of turning a light on - there is no one to disturb.  I always carry a small torch with me - especially when I am away from home as often one can be mildly disorientated when waking in the night.

The light I purchased (and there are many similar on the market) was a Click brand from Bunnings, and it has another key feature which came into play last night.

Currently, here in Queensland we are suffering the affects of Cyclone Marcia - luckily for me I am far south of the major cyclonic weather - we just have flooding where we are!!!

Last night I was sitting watching television when there was an unexpected power outage.  It did only last a short time, but what happened impressed me and made me leased with my decision to use the Click light.

Suddenly without warning all power was lost.  Immediately the Click light came on - giving me more than adequate light for me to see around the room - so I didn't have to be concerned about falling over furniture in the dark.  The Click light also has a torch function.  I could have, if needed, have used it as a torch to find my way around the house to light a candle or source another torch.

As it turned out the power outage was short lived and the only inconvenience was having to correct the clock on my microwave.

However, I am going to be talking about this light - or similar ones.  It could well have saved me from injury.  It is such a comfort to know how this works and how useful it could be.

I recommend that everyone has one of these!!!!


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