Australia Zoo

I am fortunate that almost 12 months ago I purchased an annual ticket to Australia Zoo - and it has been a wise move, as I have taken advantage of it several times, making it a good investment as if I had paid separately for each visit, it would have cost me more.

On Wednesday I went with my friend from China (26 year old guy who works at the university where I taught in 2008, and 2010).

AR at the entrance

A great Aussie

Can you see the baby with the mother - I think 'baby' is almost full grown.

AR with some new friends - mother and joey
We took umbrellas - there has been frequent rain here in Queensland the last few weeks and it did rain before we left, but fortunately it did not rain while we were at the Zoo.   I had been previously to the Zoo when it had rained and recall the experience - which was not pleasant, so I think the umbrellas warded off the rain on this occasion.

We say the performance in the Crocoseum and then had lunch in the Food Court.  It was ok, though I thought a little expensive.  Then we caught the Shuttle around the Zoo.  AR only wanted to see kangaroos and koalas - so we managed to have a good look at them - pat them etc, while we were there, before heading back home.  It was a big day - but good weather, and great things to see!!!


The performance in the Crocoseum


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