My Post for Ultimate Blog Challenge

(This post is on my site - where I have a problem, so posted here until it can be fixed.)

Happy New Year!!  I have done the Ultimate Blog Challenge before - so here goes again.  This time I will endeavour to use my Wordpress but already I am in need of an expert to help me.  Still I will persist with the post.
Writing is going to be my focus for 2015 - it is about time I published some of the pieces languishing in my computer - so hopefully I will get some done.  I have listed six items I want publish and will aim to have three done my mid year.  This is a big ask as I have a Marketing and Business Plan to do for an organisation - hopefully both will be done by the end of January.  Pushing hard I know.
Perhaps I shall call 2015 "The Year of Writing."
Travel?  Maybe.  I have an invitation to a wedding in China (no date set yet) and I would like to go to Europe but that depends of funds of course.  Perhaps one of my stories will be a big money spinner? I do have to go to Adelaide some time this year to scatter my mother's ashes as she wished.
Photography - I will keep on taking photos - these were taken at the beach yesterday.  So many jelly fish at the water's edge.  The water was very warm in the shallows - but with all those nasties in the water I was only doing a little paddle.Beachmere waterfrontIMG_5543
Volunteering - I will continue in 2015 with my volunteering at the Caboolture Historical Village. I will commit to another 12 months and then review.
Health and Fitness - I will endeavour to find a medical practitioner who can resolve the problem with my leg and foot in particular so that I can walk more often without pain.  I will continue to ride my wonderful bike - my next task is to ride around Bribie Island but I will wait until after the school holidays and for cooler weather.''


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