The Water Diviner

I have been so busy over the last few weeks, and no movies that appealed were on at my favourite movie theatre on Bribie Island, but today I managed to get away to see The Water Diviner starring, and produced by Russell Crowe.

Apart from the fact that it was very hot and I could enjoy the air coditioning, I was so glad to be sitting in the theatre.  It was a very moving film.   The war (World War I) scenes were horrific - makes you want to do something to stop such violence - though of course I know I can't change the past but know that there currently are war zones around the world where horrific acts of violence are being committed against innocent people.  The story, albeit a little unbelievable, was well told.

The photography was great - and unlike some movies the Australian scenery was legit!

As was the scenery in Turkey, I would think.  Some of the old buildings were very beautiful and I suspect will encourage tourists to visit these places.

I would suggest that it is likely to get an Oscar nomination!  Awesome.


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