History in the Making

In 1953 the first Sunlander train left Brisbane for Cairns in North Queensland, Australia and has been a popular journey for many travellers since.  I regret that I will never travel on it, as it finished its final journey yesterday (January 1st, 2015).  Other trains will make the journey, but this old favourite will not be on the route.

We had beleived that it would pass Caboolture around midday on 31/12/14 so four of us arrived armed with camera and me in my convict outfit to wave to passengers.  We learned later that we were 24 hours too early.

So, despite the summer heat, all of us arrived yesterday (January 1st) and were not disappointed, except that it passed so quickly it was a challenge to get all the photos we would have liked.

I would have liked to have a photo through the wheels, but that was to be too challenging.

(My car)

We heard the dull sound of the diesel engine and swung into action.

It passed quickly!!!  On its last journey.  History.


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