A Passing Parrot

I live in a tiny (village) place called Beachmere.  "Beach" because it is near the beach and "mere"because it is a major swamp area - which is close to a river (which occasionally floods) and lots of trees - pine forests and plenty of mangrove trees on the swamp on along the edges of the many creeks and waterways.

My own home overlooks a park which is the home for many birds - I have in the past listed the bird varieties,  but strangely every now and then I find a new variety.  Also there are quite a few lakes around, including one less than 100 metres from my back door - where I catch wonderful mud crabs.

I love the birds, though not amused when kookaburras wake me at 4 am or silly crows caw when I am trying to sleep.  Some birds (butcher birds) come to me for a feed occasionally, and if I stand at my back fence I can see a whole range of birds including pigeons, plovers, minah birds, swallows and many more.  They fly into the tree tops, rest a while before heading off to one of the many other stands of trees in the area.

Occasionally an ibis or a pelican will fly overhead, and the pelicans rest in the lake sometimes.

Because of the proximity to the trees in the park, birds often fly into my windows - not open, mind you, but closed.  I hear a thud and if I look quickly in the direction of the thud I see a few feathers floating.  Sometimes the bird will off before I reach the window, other times the bird will sit stunned on the back lawn waiting to recover before flying off.

This afternoon there was a familiar thud, and I saw one lone grey feather float to the grass.  I went out (as I usually do in some vain hope of helping the injured bird - they usually fly off before I get close), and this one just stood a little stunned before hopping onto a pot plant for a few seconds and then sneaking behind my water tank where it sat on the bottom rail of the fence for some time.

It was there for about 10 minutes - time for me to go to my car and get my Canon Camera and take a couple of shots.

It was the size of a galah almost, with grey feathers, orange eyes and a bright red beak.  (It refused to pose when I had the camera, but once looked right at me.)

Now I am trying to find out what variety of parrot it is.

It flew away - hopefully not damaged by its adventure in my yard.


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