I was brought up in a family that did a lot of volunteering.  As a small girl I joined the junior section of the Girl Guide movement an beacame a Brownie.  It was as a Brownie that I learned the value of doing "good deeds", and it resonated with me for all my life.

I progressed to being a Girl Guide and a Ranger Guide, but that sadly was the end of my formal involvement with the Guide movement, but it was enough to set the seeds of what I was to do for the rest of my life.

Over the years I have worked in a lot of volunteer roles, from school committees, editor of the school newsletter, various community groups, and in politics.  I was a member of Quota International, Lioness  and lots more.  I'd like a dollar for all the hours I have done helping others!

When I toured around Australia and spent time in Dongara, Western Australia I also helped out the Lions Club there.  I have also done Clean Up Australia - including the exciting one where a loaded gun was found shortly after we started and we were "locked down" because we were in the midst of a crime scene.

These days I am a volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village - which I love as I love exploring Australian history.  Every day can be an adventure as there is so much to see and learn.

Last week I was in one of the exhibits with some folk from Pakistan and Sri Lanka (some will remember that it used to be called Ceylon), and one of the exhibits they found very interesting at the Village was the photos of all the folk hanged at the Boggo Road prison.  All bar one were men - the only woman hanged was an Ellen Thomson.  In any case it was fascinating.

The blokes were really interested.  They were fascinated that many of those executed were from other countries including two from Ceylon.

My role at the Village is wide - I have been a tour guide, and I am working in the marketing team, so kept busy.

As part of the marketing we are supporting a surprise program run by David Koch/Channel 7, as we have been recommended to be part of a program about getting a "rescue" for our website.  Funny really.

So if you read this can I ask that you visit this site and vote for the Village?  It will help us.  Maybe.



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