Growing Liliums

We all love these flowers and for much of the year they are the choice of flower sellers - they look awesome!  I had these growing - though only white ones, in a home garden a number of years ago.  Marriage breakup and house sold, but as I didn't have a place of my own I did not manage to salvage my Liliums, (though did manage to keep some of the orchids I grew).

Recently I read somewhere that Lilium's grow well in pots.  So I went off to Bunnings and found some small plastic bags each with two bulbs in them, and came home and planted them in plastic pots.  Two bulbs per pot.  Apparently they like being a little crowded.  One packet's contents were a little sickly looking and I had doubts about their prospects.  The first pot (white flowers) took off quickly and I soon had buds on them.  Not long stems though.

I don't recall when I planted them, but it was only about 2 months or so ago, and slowly but surely they progressed.

Today one of the buds opened up - the two bulbs were supposedly the same, but you can perhaps see that their development differed, with the other plant having buds in slightly different formation, which I think will result in longer stems on the flowers.  We will see.

I have brought the pots into the house and the air is filled with the delicate and beautiful fragrance from the flowers.  I will (at the appropriate time of the season) propagate from these plants and purchase some more.

There are some instructions on growing them from Gardening Australia here.


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