Bloggers Earning Dollars!

I have a collection of friends I have never met, but we met and communicate regularly - our common ground is Blogging.

I blog for fun really - as a way of getting some of my stories "in print" and sharing of my travel stories and photographs.

Money?  Of course I would like to earn more - but it is not the focus of my endeavours.  I thank one of my Blogging Friends for sending information to me about a new platform which is planning to pay bloggers.  It is interesting. Easy.  Free to join, so it might be worth joining and discovering what the journey will be like.

Below is an interview with the founder of Tsu.  If you would like to join - here is the link.  Tsu

I have only just joined so cannot brag about dollars earned - but it is a good site to use - easy, and just maybe it will work.

Who knows.  Click here to join.  Tsu


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