A Seige in Sydney

I have to confess that when I heard about the siege in Sydney I cried.  Shock I guess, but in a way many of us in Australia have wondered when something like this in the name of Allah would happen in Australia.  I sobbed for a few kilometers and then pulled myself together.  But still I am uncomfortable - not frightened, and I think of the fear of the staff and customers at the Lindt Cafe.

Some of the information on this video (which I found on You Tube) - some people are very quick to share these sort of images, but not necessarily is the information always correct.

It is from all accounts a lone operator - so he has made us all aware of his abhorrent cause, and we are still determined as a country to support our government in ridding this country of these terrorists who seem to enjoy putting fear into people.

I heard an American, who is visiting Australia, discuss his surprise that the police want to ensure that all people are safe. He said the police in the US would have by now retaliated and stormed the cafe, and they would anticipate that there would be casualties as a result of such action.  He was critical of the attitude of the police today.  Personally I see their actions as reasonable, but I am in no position to criticise or judge what they are doing, but I do hope that they can resolve the situation without any casualties.

Again with people I was with today, the concern was expressed about Muslim women wearing face coverings - the  niqab in particular is offensive to Australians.  While I try to be sympathetic to the women who feel happy to wear these face coverings, I do know that many Australian women want it banned in Australia.  I personally happy for Muslim women to wear a hijab, which is a covering of the head and chest, but for women to have to view our world by looking between slits in a black piece of clothing I find difficult to comprehend, and I doubt if these women will really be able to assimilate with other Australians.  Are they wearing these coverings because they really believe that it is necessary, or is it the males in their families that insist upon it?  Australians are also appalled that young girls are being married off to men without their consent - that some family members are sending their daughters overseas to marry.  

I can only hope that today's situation can be resolved without any death or injury.    


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