Who nominated us?

I work as a volunteer with a team of folk at the Caboolture Historical Village - a rather large complex with over 70 historic buildings on 12 acres just north of Caboolture, in Queensland Australia.  If you are headed over that way, why not pop in and see just how the early settlers of this area lived way back in the 1800's.  Sadly there is no indigenous display - something that is being discussed and has been on the plan for several years, but you can learn how the Europeans lived in the area when it was settled.

Someone nominated the Caboolture Historical Village for Kochie's Website Makeover - a competition that David Koch who is a presenter on Channel 7 Australia's breakfast show Sunrise.  We don't know who did it - we are curious - but in the spirit of all good things we have decided to participate.

We've hardly started promoting the competition and seeking votes, as one apparently does in these sort of competitions, and already we have 55 votes.   Not bad for doing nearly nothing!

Anyway, I thought I could ask my readers to go and visit and vote for the site.  Click here - and it will take you the the page with information.

The top of one of the windmills in the Village

Not easy to see as they aare a little crowded - but some of the great coaches that have been restored.
With a not-for-profit organisation with a huge property to maintain and daily visitors, our website is very important to it, and we have received a detailed report which is very enlightening and refreshing at the same time.

We need all the help we can get.


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