Swim with Crocodiles

Ok, we Aussies don't swim with crocodiles, however, in the north of Western Australia in 2013 at Lake Argyle I was on a sunset cruise in the lake and we saw freshwater crocodiles on the lake's edge, and some of the passengers did go swimming.  Not for me.  Not that I was particularly scared of the fairly harmless crocs watching on from the lakeside, I don't think I'd easily be able to get back into the boat if I jumped off.

Across the north of Australia there are crocodiles - huge ones - and most of us are smart enough to know that it is not very safe swimming in the areas where these huge monstors live.  Sure there are signs up in the tourist areas warning of the dangers, so why do people get taken?   Some folk have some strange sense of safety!  Or they are silly.

In the Northern Territory I did go on a tour on one of the rivers on the way to Kakadu where we went out on a boat to feed some of these monstors.

A Freshwater Croc 

Now you wouldn't want to swim with this Croc

Where I walked.....  (read the story)
I was extremely careful but I did stop my car and with great care walked along the edge of a waterway in crocodile territory to take some photos  - but I didn't take my eyes off the edge of the water.  I was looking for any sign of movement, any sign of a sneaking crocodile.  I was lucky I guess - I saw nothing.

Anyone doing any travel in the Australian outback needs to do some research - the heat, the snakes, the crocodiles are all waiting or unsuspecting travellers.  You need to carry plenty of water, wear a hat, and take a lot of care.

I drove around Australia and took great care - and I guess I had plenty of luck too - but had no problem.


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