On NaNoWriMo

I've tried and failed several times to complete NaNoWriMo - and mid way through the 30 days of frantic writing I don't know that I am going to succeed in completing the 50,000 words, but I am pleased to report I am doing much better than I thought I would this time.  Life seems to get in the way - not that I am short of writing time, and indeed have probably written more than 50,000 words already this month - on my blog or other writing I have done for two of the organisations for which I am a volunteer.

However, I am here to report that I am doing well.  Not halfway yet, but doing very well thank you very much.  And I am thrilled with what I have written as the first draught.  I have several days this week where I will have the time to write and as I can be a copious writer I look forward to adding thousands more words to the word count.

I'd love to have a "buddy" to write with - but have not though a friend is particpating, but so far we have not managed to connect.  She has completed the task on several occasions.

I purchased Chris Baty's book.  Chris is the guy that started this crazy month of novel writing in 1999 - and the book is full of wisdom on trying to complete this mammoth writing project and he has of course participated each year since he started the program.  I've rad about 10% of it - on my Kindle. I have had to put it down - so I can write, but will get back to it soon.

The style in which he has written it is rather chatty - and I think any would-be novelist will get some great advice from it.  I have been to copious writing workshops and classes and find his writing about completing a novel in a short space of time quite inspiring.

Recently the following Video was made - well worth a listen, though grab a coffee and perhaps a note pad and listen.  I am also a great fan of Blurb.

My story of total fiction - a wild ride for a young 18 year old girl who find herself living with a 70 year old woman in Queensland, a woman who has chosen to avoid the trappings of modern life and since around 1953 has survived living alone (with the help of her brother) on a county property that only recently was connected to the electricity grid.  My experience as a volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village has helped with with some fo the historical data, and a crazy sense of humour has assisted.

It is of course halfway through NaNoWriMo and I am just a little less than a third the way through my writing goal in terms of word count.  However, I am thrilled with my progress.

This coming week I am travelling to Bundaberg in Queensland, in an endeavour to add some reality to the story.  The story is based around that area so I am doing some research.  I did catch the Tilt Train to Rockhampton, in central Queensland recently and as the train passed quickly through the area concerned, but a little too quick and not easy to take a photo!

Driving through the area I can choose to stop whenever I want to.  Also I will be staying overnight - alone, so more writing time.  Perhaps by the end of the coming week I will be about 75% finished.  That's the plan.

I recommend that you read Chris Baty's book "No Plot, No Problem" - I am still reading it, on my Amazon Kindle.

I wonder why my writing friends do not participate.  


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