My E-bike

It was quite cool when I set off on my e-bike this morning.  I love my bike - love it that I can choose to pedal, or pedal hard.  I can choose to be kind to my right dicky-knee.  I went first to the Beachmere Markets - a bit quiet there but I visited most of the stalls.   Then for a wander to the beach front.  Low tide again.  I just love the scenery when the tide is low.   There were great groups of soldier crabs close in shore and long legged wader birds wandering in the shallows looking for food.

Looking out towards Moreton Island.

North to Bribie Island.
Then I called in at a friend's place - a cup of tea and a chat, and then off to the newsagent to get the Saturday Courier Mail, and then pedalled back home.  I left the bike ready for an afternoon ride, but I am procrastinating.  The wind is blowing a gale and it is hot.  Perhaps if I wait a while the wind will die down.

I have been keen to have a fritter - can't seem to get it out of my mind, but I haven't had the meat to put in it.  About midday when I was searching in the fridge for inspiration for my lunch I suddenly thought I should buy some beef and cook it.  I jumped in the car and went to Beachmere Butchery, and bought some silverside.

It was such a long time since I cooked a silverside that I'd forgotten so onto the 'Net and found a few recipes and it was soon in the pot.  Simple recipe - a pan of water with peppercorns, onion, cloves, bay leaves, salt and vinegar and I let it simmer for an hour and a half and it is all done.

Fritters tonight?  I think so!

Also while wasting time today I found a great article about a ranger on Moreton Island that loves photography - and what a grand place he has as his "canvas".  Good story, here.


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