Green Frogs

I get to see and hear green frogs where I live - and have managed to take a few good photos.  I look for them most nights especially during spring or summer, and when rain is around - perhaps they can smell the rain clouds - they croak loudly as if willing the clouds to let loose their rain drops.  It doesn't always work though.

We are enduring one of the driest periods on record - and long for some decent rain to liven up the lawns and the grasses for the animals - this is semi rural with  cows, horses, goats, sheep and other animals on properties around here.

I hadn't seen the green frogs during winter - but they are out and about now.  I found one on the top of my barbeque the other day, the same one that lives in my air conditioning unit and has done since I moved here over a year ago.

This fellow is a regular visitor.

This one high tailed it along the fence when it saw the camera.
I don't know where they go to exactly but previously I have seen several walking along the top of the fence - I wondered if they went to the house next door as they have a big fish pond. Well, bigger than mine.

I've seen as many as 3 or 4 walking along the top of the fence all at once, and I can only assume that some time before dawn the next day, they have made their return journey to where ever they rest for the day.

The Green Frog is an interesting species.  You can read the Wikipedia article here.

Well frogs don't go "La De Da De Dah" - but it is a song that I remember from my childhood.


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