Bordello, Prostitution and Bamboo

I do laugh sometimes when my posts on my Bordello tour, my comments on Prostitution get high numbers of readers, and the other things that are more important to me don't rate so highly.  That's life!

During the week I visited a number of bamboo properties in Queensland, and I made a number of purchases at Bamboo Land at Torbanlea.  One was a little note book - make of bamboo paper.  I'd like to quote from the inforamtion that came with the tiny notebook.

"Bamboo is a fast growing, recyclable material which thrives in harsh conditions returning much needed nutrients to depleted soil.  Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than timber.  Paper has been made in China for over 1500 years and as demand for paper increases bamboo is seen as an excellent renewable alternative to timber."

It is a tiny notebook, but will find a home in a small pocket in my handbag.  I usually carry a much larger note book, but I can see that this one will be handy.

I also bought a few other things including a Bamboo Mouse - pictured below.   I ust say I am impressed with the comfort.  It is a little larger than the mini one I have been using and very comfortable and it works well.  These items and others are available on the Bamboo Land website.

Why are we so reluctant to use more bamboo?  It is so much better for the environment - quicker to grow than timber and more versatile.


peter petterson said…
What you say is true, but bamboo can get out of control under certain conditions.
Di Hill said…
Yes, Peter, that is the running bamboo. Gardeners need to learn the difference between "clumping" bamboo and "running bamboo"

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