Bamboo Everywhere

It is along time since I have been north to Bundaberg, but I went there this week to do some research.  I had intended to check the Bamboo Society of Australia website to check details of any members/nurseries between here and Bundaberg.  As it turned out I forgot to check but almost as soon as I realised I had forgotten I found a large nursery around Bauple.  I drove off the main road and up and around taking the following photos.

I drove further north taking note of many stands of bamboo along the way.  Driving around Howard there were some signs for Bamboo Land - so happily I visited.  Wow.  I was so impressed.

First of all I had to visit the Bamboo Loo!!!

Their shop had plenty of wonderful bamboo items.  Amazing collection and I purchased some - some tooth brushes, a bamboo mouse for my computer and some more bamboo undies.  Whoo Hoo!

It poured with rain, but when it slowed down I wandered around the gardens - below are some of my photos of the wonderful gardens.


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