Thank Goodness it was Radio!!

Some weeks ago, I was asked to communicate with a radio station about some marketing for the historical village where I am a volunteer.  The radio station is run by volunteers too - so it has been difficult to make contact with the lady I was to speak with.  We've played telephone tag on more than one occasion.

Today, out of the blue she phoned asking if she could do an intereview - about 10 minutes away.  I was glad it was not television - as I was not dressed well enough for folk to see me, but because it was radio, I got away with it.  Thank Goodness.

It was a brief interview but I managed to take a few notes in the short preparation time, and though there was some problem with the signal - perhaps because I was on my only phone (mobile) and needed my notes on my computer - perhaps some challenges between the two technologies.

Still it went to air.  Maybe I will get some feedback.

Then I went out - after a shower and dressing more appropriately - to pick up some business cards and have lunch with some friends,   When I came home there was a letter in my letter box - address to "The Resident" at my address - suggesting I might be interesting in joining the NBN (National Broadband Network).  How  hilarious.  They should know that I am connected and have been for almost 12 months, despite the fact that their website declares that I am not in an NBN area.

Life can be confusing.


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