Rockhampton Trip - October 2014 Part One

I had wanted to travel on the Queensland Rail Tilt Train for some time.  I see it pass the Caboolture Historical Village each day I work there and promise myself I will go on it. And so it was that a couple of weeks ago I found time in buy busy schedule for a short visit to Rockhampton via the Tilt Train.  The Rocky train leaves Brisbane daily and there are many stops along the way, but it gives one a great view of the countryside up the east coast of Queensland.  There are of course many other trains on this route and further north - but I chose the Tilt Train.

(These images are from Queensland Rail)

Tilt Train passes the Glasshouse Mountains
The train left Caboolture at 11.45 am - and was due to arrive in Rockhampton at around 6.30 pm.  It was a little late, but it was no problem.  I chose to spend most of my time watching the scenery pass by, which is what I love to do.  Many of the towns we passed I had travelled through on many occasions previously, but I just loved it.  As a camera addict I wanted the train to stop more often, and was irritated by having to take shots through the window - especially as the window by my seat was damaged which made it difficult to see through.

I was in Economy - which was more than adequate for me - but if I had wanted to lie back and snooze it may have presented a problem for my long legs, especially if there was someone sitting next to me - which was not the case on the trip north, but for half of the trip south.

There is catering on the train - with a Galley and a Trolley service. I used the latter.  There are toilets and drinking water on board and plenty of room for small hand luggage.  I had booked my small purple suitcase through and it was waiting for me at the end of each journey.

As a Concession Card holder - the journey cost was only $25 each way - which is a great bargain.

I stayed with my son-in-law's parents in Rockhampton - and for the two days and three nights I was there we packed in quite a lot of activity.

I have been to Rocky on many occasions as I daughter lived there for many years, as the Manager of the McDonalds store/s there.  Which is how she met the butcher from Rocky!

It is a city famous for its cattle - and through the city are statues of various breeds of cattle.  There is plenty to see and of course it is not far from Yeppoon, and Rosslyn Bay which is the boat access to Great Keppel Island.

The Gracemere Cattle Sales story is here.


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