Oh, "The Block"

I have watched Channel 9's series "The Block" mostly this season, and did see the results last night when the auction was held.  OMG!  How gutted would those that did not make a good profit feel.
We know it is a competition, and we also learned that each contestant gets $700 each a week to participate in the program but so much hard yakka went into the competition, and for little or no reward it would be an awful feeling.

Chris and Jenna, and the two Voss guys made good money!!  Well done.  I suspect that having so many apartments to sell did not help the program.  Is it too much to expect that 5 buyers will come out on the one occasion to buy high end apartments.  Do I sense an element of greed in the program?

I have always enjoyed these "reno" type programs - would love to be able to renovate something, but my days of doing something have long gone.

I do hope all contestants are able to move on and gain other benefits from their hard work!!!


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