Health and Us.

It is a weird world.  Despite all the progress in all areas over the last few hundred years, we still have terrible issues with health.

Every now and then there is a great epidemic of a disease - I know that when I was little it was polio, and in the 1980's it was HIV Aids. Two very infectious diseases - and now it is Ebola and in Australia there is concern about a new strain of Tuberculosis. One person has died with this drug resistant version of the disease.

Cancer is still not under control and other health issues are increasing - obesity, diabetes to name just another two.

One disease/illness that has touched me on more than one occasion is Multiple Sclerosis - something I first learned about in my nursing days years ago. It is an insidious disease where many folk deteriorate slowly with nothing much that can be done, though I am aware that some folk have found some respite in various alternate and other methods.  It seems that no one "treatment" works for all.

I learned today that my daughter is taking part in a Moonwalk to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis - you can visit the page here.  Donations welcome of course.  To donate you can go here - to support my daughter Janet Gough, who is doing it because a very close friend has the disease.

I am unable to attend, and would not survive the long walk with my wobbly legs, but it sounds a lovely walk in the moonlight around the Brisbane River. I hope the weather is fine and the moon shines down brilliantly on these lovely volunteers who are supporting MS Queensland.

I am not sure that the route passes this part of the Brisbane River, but it was the only photo I could find in a hurry - one of my special photos looking across the river to the city.

We all have to play a continual role in helping scientists resolve our health problems - and do what we can to keep ourselves healthy!!


bookworm said…
My best friend's sister has MS, as does my brother in law's sister in law. It has affected them both in very different ways, as it goes into remission, then comes back stronger than ever.

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