Fabulous Scenery

It was a long weekend - Monday Labour Day - but I had many things to do.  On the Saturday I was in Brisbane for an interview with a client, and on the way home called in to see a friend whom I haven't seen for many years, but we have kept in touch.

Then for two days I kept working.  I made two tablecloths, painted some things, mowed lawns, clipped edges, and finished lots of writing.  This afternoon I had a shower to remove all the dust and dirt from my garden activities, and then decided to go for a walk.  

I set off to the Sandstone Point end of Beachmere, and stopped near the lake and walked through the bush to the beach.  It is a "secret" little place that I have visited several times before.  There's a short walk along a sandy track within the trees to the beach. 

The tide was very low - making it a bit easier to see the southern tip of Bribie Island and over to the right, it was easy to see the huge cranes of the Port of Brisbane.  Also thanks to my Canon camera and my Tamron lens.

Sandy track through the bush.

Mangroves and shallow pools

Close to Brisbie Island  - using my big lens.

Port of Brisbane in the distance.
I always love the beach at low tide - there were a few horses out for a run on the beach, and a few folk fishing, and a few boats bobbing in the shadows.  It really is a beautiful place.


Di Hill said…
Thanks Peter. Easy when the scenery is good.

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