Did you know about Lyoness?

A year or so ago I joined Lyoness as a shopper and benefit from the Cashback I receive when I shop.  I've been mildly interested in the business side of things.

I do benefit (because I shop!) - but know that I could benefit more - if only I tell someone about it.  Mmmm.  You can see I would never make a successful network marketer - though this isn't the same as the many other network marketing businesses.  With Lyoness you shop like you usually do - but use your Cashback Card when shopping at a Lyoness merchant - and it is easy to see the local Lyoness businesses with the App on your Smart Phone.  And the best part is, that to get your loyalty card it is FREE.

The new developments are great - which I will explain to anyone who is interested.  It will be easier to save money and even earn a little or a lot.  A lot of you want to get involved in the business side of things - which I am happy to explain.

You can watch video.  If you want to know more - or how you can benefit, leave me a message in the comments section, with your email address.  I moderate the comments, so your comment with your email address will not show.  I will contact you via email.


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