A Round Tuit

I remember many years ago seeing a "round tuit".  I didn't know where it all started but it was a play on words.  It apparently started around 1964, and people who were always getting "around to it" when they procrastinated about things, was where it all came from.

At the time there were various gifts and items, that would be given to someone.  I think we all procrasinated about things.  I am a great list builder -  I usually write out a list of important things that need to be done the next day.  I do find myself doing the easy things first, though at times I deliberately do the hard ones first.

I tend to be a doer.  One thing that I seemed never to get "around to" was the train trip to Rockhampton.  I am glad I have done it.  It wasn't about money - more about time.  I would have liked to have stayed longer, but it was not to be.

Recently I have had discussions with a number of people wh spoke about "getting round tuit" on some issue of their lives.

One term that is used these days is "Bucket List" - since the movie way back where two terminally ill people set out to do things on their Bucket List.  I don't actually have a bucket list - though if I did one thing would be to visit Italy.

I remember some 50 years ago I was interested in going to Italy and for some months learned Italian - something that actually helped me in my nursing career as I was able to help a family of a sick woman.

Will I get to Italy?  It is on my list to do next year.  Watch this space.  I must do it before I get too old to travel.

I will get "round tuit!".


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