The Purple Poppy - for Animals.

On Saturday when I attended the Flag Raising and Anzac Commemorative Day at the Caboolture Historical Village, I saw the unveiling of a plague to remember the animals which served in the forces for the Australian forces during World War I, World War II, Vietnam and many other occasions.  The event was arranged by volunteers from the 11th Light Horse Troop - one of the specialty clubs at the Village.

There are some amazing stories about the animals and birds.  What animals I hear you ask?    There were camels, horses, mules, donkeys, as well as dogs and pigeons.   As well, there are stories of cats, and of course the feathered friends who sacrificed themselves for food for our troops.  These days there are also sheep which are mascots for various military groups.

On Saturday Spetmber 6th, at the Historical Village, these animals were remembered and stories told about the bravery of some including a pigeon, despite being shot twice, continued its journey on foot to deliver the important message it had been carrying.

In front of the plagues.

The Purple Poppy

A beautiful Clydesdale 
The Military History and Heritage Victoria website tells the stories of some of the animals and the strict Australian Quarantine regulations that meant that few of these animals could be returned to Australia.  

I bought a Purple Poppy (my friends will laugh as I am such a fierce lover of purple I will buy almost anything in that colour) from the volunteers at the Feather Museum where they were selling the badges as part of the commemoration of animals which were part of the Australian forces (and still are).

The poppy was attached to a card which explained the Red Poppy, (that most of us would be familiar with), the White Poppy (for peace) and the Purple Poppy to remember the animals.  I shall wear mine with pride.

"Lest we forget, four-legged diggers served too"


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