The Grandchildren

I have four grand children - ages range from 14 years to 8 years, and I like to spend time with them - especially during holidays.  The two oldest girls are busy athletes and it is pretty hard to find a few days spare without training, so they only spent around 24 hours with me - great time, but too short for me.

The younger two spend more time with me during holidays - and they arrived yesterday, and I will return them to the Gold Coast on Thursday - as I have a meeting at Griffith University at midday, they will spend a few hours with their other grandmother before their father picks them up.

When we were driving north from Brisbane yesterday after I picked them up I asked them what they wanted to do.    "Go to the Historical Village" - they both said.  Easy, as I was to work there today. So I managed to get them into the children's holiday activities today and off they went.

Afterwards we set off towards Bribie Island (we had packed swiming gear) but on the way we visited the Bora Ring at Sandstone Point/Ningi before driving on to the bridge over to Bribie Island.  There are 13 light poles on the old bridge, and pelicans perch on them.  It is always a game to count the number of pelicans on the poles.  There were four on the way over and two on the way back.  Always a bit of fun to count them.

We went to the Seaside Museum, but it is not open on Tuesdays.  Darn.  So it was off to the beach and we donned our swimmers and went to the water.  Eeek. It was so cold.

Bribie Island - looking towards Glass House Mountains (taken with my phone)
J and M played around in the water, and I sat a distance away watching them playing in the sand and later in the playground until it was time to leave for home.

Back home I cooked a Lasagne.  They loved it.


peter petterson said…
Glad you have time to enjoy your grandchildren. We have thirteen,ages ranging from 25 years down to just over 1 year. Our first great- grandson is due in a couple of months.We see them all together at Christmas and and some birthdays. Our rugby league playing GS is due home this Christmas after a couple of years in Aussie. He transfered from the Melbourne Storm to the Newcastle knights early this season.
Di Hill said…
I can cope with four - would be worn out with more!!! Yes, the rugby league playing GS is doing well!

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