I used to work at Redcliffe - way back over 30 years ago, and thought I knew it well.  Then....
Recently I visited with a friend, but it was a Sunday and we wandered aimlessly along the rows of market stalls before stopping for coffee.  It was busy and crowded and when we finished coffee I returned home.

Last week I attended a meeting on behalf of the Caboolture Historical Village there - I was given the wrong address, so in my hunt for the right venue - I thought I had been told "The Hub" (am sure I WAS, and was told that it was Redcliffe Parade - it was actually "The Hive" and it was on Sutton Street - and I was not the only person given the wrong address.  Came across another person at the Information Centre who was as lost as me, with the same incorrect address.  Anyway we got to the meeting, late, but in the meantime I had explored most of Redcliffe Parade and found some very interesting retail outlets.

On Saturday I attended the Sandcliffe Writers Festival at Brackenridge and came home via Redcliffe after the morning session.  I had time to explore the shops.  One shop that really fascinated me was a Chinese Furniture shop which had some pretty fancy Chinese carved furniture.  Good to admire.  Along with a wide collection of Chinese jewelry and artifacts.

As I was leaving I found a display of books - free to all - and found in amongst the many there, one called "Guidelines for Being a Good Person."  I read the book - which is writen for children, in English and Chinese.  A search on the Internet revealed a YouTube of someone reading the books - apparently wisdom from ancient sages in China.  It is one of the selection of free books.  I was most impressed with this one - I might have to go back and find some more copies for distribution...

I know many of the seniors that I meet are very concerned at the behaviour of children.  I wonder if this book/video would make a difference?

It was certainly a busy place - so many eateries were filled with happy folk.  I had a much better look and eventually sat down and had lunch.

The Jetty

View North

View South

Artworks on Redcliffe Parade

Looking down Bee Gee's Way


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